Revolutionizing spatial biology

Our groundbreaking SAFe-nSCAN imaging platform takes biological imaging to a whole new level, advancing spatial biology into the nano-era.

The nanoSCAN project aims to transform tissue analysis with a novel 3D spatial biology platform that provides crucial insights into cellular and tissue functions.

Game-changing technology

nanoSCAN is a game-changing technology that provides crucial 3D spatial biology imaging insights into cellular and tissue function for personalized immune-oncology therapy.

New era of nanoscale resolution

Our platform is a breakthrough imaging technology, covering the entire resolution spectrum and employing new chip technology and a microfluidic device for multiplexed nanoscopy, increasing speed and efficiency.


Interview with Petra Paiè

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Groundbreaking SAFe-nSCAN multi-scale imaging platform to revolutionize tissue analysis

With its game-changing technology, the nanoSCAN project will provide crucial 3D spatial biology imaging insights into cell and tissue function, improving the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy by identifying the[…]

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Project numbers

Five partners from three different countries have joined forces in the nanoSCAN project.









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The project consortium is composed of five partners: