Gordon Research Conference: Optics and Photonics in Medicine and Biology
7-12 July 2024
Lewiston, Maine, USA

Paolo Maran
Poster presentation: title tba

European Optical Society annual meeting
9-13 September 2024
Naples, Italy

Francesca Bragheri
Poster presentation: title tba

Paolo Maran
“Integrated photonic structured pattern generator for microscopy applications”



European organs on-chip annual meeting
3-5 July 2024
Milan, Italy

Francesca Bragheri
“Optofluidic integrated platform for high-throughput high-resolution imaging”

4th Imabio YSN conference
26-27 June, 2024
Lille, France

Paolo Maran
“Integrated pattern generator for Structured Illumination Microscopy”

Focus on microscopy
24-27 March 2024
Genova, Italy

nanoSCAN kick-off meeting
10-11 January 2024
Paris, France

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